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30.10.2018  |  590x
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Scrap of the foundry sector is valuable

Today the metallurgical sector, and foundries in particular, are at the forefront when it comes to protecting the environment and the impact of industrial waste on the ecosystem. We are talking about millions of tonnes of special waste which need to be disposed of every year involving significant resources and huge costs.
”Our sector does not usually occupy the front pages of financial newspapers, although it is fundamental for industry and has been, historically, the driving force of a country’s growth. Managing waste disposal is an expensive business: both large and small companies have to deal with the high cost of storage, transport, screening and crushing at their facilities, as well as the cost of disposal”.
Operating in five continents, MB Crusher has listened to several entrepreneurs and has realised they all prioritise the same objective: to reduce disposal costs.
MB’s response reflects its own corporate mission: turning waste into advantage. Since 2001, the year when the first Crusher Bucket was patented, MB Crusher has been working alongside many companies enabling them to exploit what they have in order to generate income, reclaiming and reusing in complete autonomy.
Wherever waste from cast iron, steel, light metals and non-ferrous metals is produced, as well as slag and foundry soil from non-reusable moulds and cores, MB Crusher Buckets manage the complete recycling cycle directly on site, even within the plant itself. The handy compact models of the MB range have been specially designed to fit closed or small environments.
With experience in thousands plants around the world, the objectives of MB’s Research & Development are clear: ”The Crusher Buckets and Screening Buckets are installed directly and quickly on the heavy equipment, like any other attachments. Casting waste, fine castings, metal sprues and all other types of slag are crushed and screened to be immediately reintegrated in the production cycle. In this way waste becomes reusable and saleable. The data is clear: it is possible to recover and reuse more than 85% of the waste material and obtain, from this cost, a productive, economic and environmental advantage. With MB Crusher Buckets and Screening Buckets, work is managed in the plant with times and methods that are most profitable for the company, even taking advantage of the blast furnace’s break times”.
MB’s goal is to be a business accelerator to its customers: Screening Buckets select huge quantities of material, quickly sort it for different re-uses and provide quality and worthy material, that can be used for the needs of construction sites and road works. Reclaimed material is now more in demand than the natural one from quarries, which are also becoming increasingly rare.

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