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Three at one stroke: New concrete crushers from Darda! INNOVATIVE AND EVEN MORE POWERFUL!
Three at one stroke: New concrete crushers from Darda!
INNOVATIVE AND EVEN MORE POWERFUL! Parallel to the launch of the new machines by Swedish demolition robot manufacturer BROKK, its subsidiary DARDA GmbH is presenting three new crusher models. They are designed as a low-noise, yet powerful attachment tool for the new demolition robot series and for mini excavators in the 2.5 to 9-ton class. DARDA is known worldwide as a specialist supplier of smaller concrete crushers. Despite its compact size and with only a mini excavator as carrier, DARDA crushers can easily keep up with the performance of larger and heavier models. The DARDA units are designed for high crushing power and low weight. The CC440, CC480 and CC580 crushers of the new series come in a modern, uniform design and set new standards in terms of ruggedness and performance. ”The focus of the new designs was on an even higher power/performance ratio, a uniform design and even greater ruggedness, as well as new crushing tips for the two larger crushers,” says Engineering and Design Manager
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Hohe Tastempfindlichkeit auf alle Metalle
Hohe Tastempfindlichkeit auf alle Metalle

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Simple Emptying of large Refuse Containers HSM HL 7009 MGB – the compact horizontal baling press for industry
Simple Emptying of large Refuse Containers
HSM HL 7009 MGB – the compact horizontal baling press for industry The compact horizontal baling press HSM HL 7009 MGB, with a pressing power of 700 kN, is the economical waste disposal solution for industry. It has been designed to empty large refuse containers filled with cardboard or plastic films and which have a capacity of over 1 x 1100 litres or 2 x 240 litres. The baling press is filled using the integrated hydraulic lifting/tilting device which enables a marked reduction in the number of people required to compress the material. Thanks to the large loading aperture, even bulky pieces of cardboard are not a problem. With a cross-section of 1100 x 1100 mm and a bale length of about 1200 mm, the bales weigh up to 600 kilogrammes. The hydraulic sliding door ensures convenient operation and safety for the operator when the bales are removed. The bales have 4-fold horizontal strapping and, thanks to their optimized dimensions and weights, achieve an optimum truck loading – this compact, horizontal counter-plate press is perfectly
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JANA, die erste Cloud-Software für die Abfallwirtschaft

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14.11.2018  |  414x  |  Product news
SKAKO-Recycling Vibrations help robots sort plastic
Vibrations help robots sort plastic Nomi4s has introduced a new development project, where the main objective is to develop and demonstrate a technical concept with automated technologies and methods. The concept will, with minimal human effort, help identify and sort recyclable resources from large fractions of waste. The project can be divided into two main processes: The first stage is the pre-sorting, where SKAKO’s finger screen helps separating the waste bales into smaller fractions, thus the metal, glass and plastic can be sorted by the vibrating scalper, that transports and separates the fractions under a magnetic belt. The second stage is sorting the mixed plastic types. SKAKO’s Storage Feeder and Vibration Conveyor distribute the different types of plastic which help the infrared NIR sensor to scan the plastic and send the information to the robotic arms for pick up. The most common plastic types PP, PE and PET. FINGER SCREEN S2U180/0320, CONVEYORS 2 X CCU140/250 AND
05.11.2018  |  475x  |  News in brief  | 
Scrap of the foundry sector is valuable
Scrap of the foundry sector is valuable
Today the metallurgical sector, and foundries in particular, are at the forefront when it comes to protecting the environment and the impact of industrial waste on the ecosystem. We are talking about millions of tonnes of special waste which need to be disposed of every year involving significant resources and huge costs. ”Our sector does not usually occupy the front pages of financial newspapers, although it is fundamental for industry and has been, historically, the driving force of a country’s growth. Managing waste disposal is an expensive business: both large and small companies have to deal with the high cost of storage, transport, screening and crushing at their facilities, as well as the cost of disposal”. Operating in five continents, MB Crusher has listened to several entrepreneurs and has realised they all prioritise the same objective: to reduce disposal costs. MB’s response reflects its own corporate mission: turning waste into advantage. Since 2001,
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