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26.02.2019  |  344x
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GKM Control-Screening Machine KTS-VS2 2000
GKM Control-Screening Machine KTS-VS2 2000

Control screening of cement in front of Silo truck loading

Special GKM Screening Machine KTS-VS2 2000

The GKM Control Screening Machine KTS-VS2 2000/1 has been specially developed for the screening of cement before silo-truck loading. The machine has a central inlet and outlet. This and the additionally enlarged inlet allows a throughput of 200 t/h with a mesh size of 2.0 mm. The screening process removes contaminants and oversize particles maintaining the high quality of your products before loading the truck. The machine is treated with ViwateQ® surface finish to prevent and reduce adhesions of the product. The conical lower part and the screen frame are equipped with a newly developed vibrating cleaning system for cleaning the mesh cloth and to increase the performance of the machine. The KTS-VS2 2000/1 1 is already well established at well-known manufacturers in the building materials industry.

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