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24.09.2019 - 26.09.2019
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Type: Messe
Duration: 3 days
Starts: 24.09.2019
Ends: 26.09.2019
Place: Nürnberg

Entry: paid
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Messe FachPack Nürnberg



Europäische Fachmesse für Verpackungen, Prozesse und Technik
Die Verpackungsbranche trifft sich vom 24. - 26. September 2019 im Messezentrum Nürnberg.
Neue Trends, neue Perspektiven, neue Möglichkeiten: Die europäische Verpackungsbranche steckt voller Vielfalt und Dynamik. Die FachPack setzt hier Akzente und Schwerpunkte. Mit einem frischen, neuen Auftritt. Mit einer herausragenden Angebotsbreite bei Verpackungen, Verpackungsmaschinen und Verpackungsprozessen. Mit einer beeindruckenden Angebotstiefe bei der Verpackungs- und Kennzeichnungstechnik, der Intra- und Verpackungslogistik, bei Verpackungen aus allen relevanten Verpackungsmaterialien und dem Verpackungsdruck und der Veredelung von Verpackungen.

Dabei verbindet die FachPack über 1.600 Aussteller in der Prozesskette Verpackung in 12 Messehallen mit rund 45.000 Fachbesuchern aus verpackungsintensiven Branchen.

An drei kompakten Messetagen dreht sich alles um die neuesten Innovationen und Weiterentwicklungen in der Verpackungsbranche, es entstehen neue Ideen und konkrete Projekte für die Zukunft, denn: Morgen entsteht beim Machen!

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Product solutions for the packaging industry
Product solutions for the packaging industry
HSM GmbH + Co. KG, the southern German manufacturer of baling presses, PET solutions and document shredders will be at the FachPack exhibition (hall 4, stand 229) from September 24 to 26 to showcase its product solutions for the packaging industry. A novelty is the vertical baling press HSM V-Press 860 plus B. Thanks to the wide feed opening of 1500 mm, it produces particularly large, highly compressed bales of cardboard or foil which can be marketed without further pressing. With a pressing force of 594 kN and the low-noise and energy-saving rapid traverse technology, it is the economical and environmentally friendly solution for many disposal tasks. Thanks to the special Hsm tcs (TorsionControlSystem), the inclination of the pressing plate in all directions is continuously monitored. This prevents one-sided loads, optimises the pressing process and thus ensures a long service life and a high process guarantee. The machine is controlled and operated by a modern microprocessor
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Residual waste becomes recyclable material Hornbach Baumarkt AG is optimising processes with a waste management concept
Residual waste becomes recyclable material
Hornbach Baumarkt AG is optimising processes with a waste management concept The heart of the innovative concept: vertical balers from HSM. 330 of the HSM V-Press 860 and HSM V-Press 1160 max balers compact paper, cardboard and fi lm at 180 points of collection – megastores and logistics and administration centres in nine European countries. The investment for the balers is paid off within a very short period. The concept, said Andreas Back, Head of Quality Management, Environment & CSR at Hornbach, has increased the recycling quota dramatically: “A lot of residual waste has become recyclable material.” Objective: waste separation across Europe Those responsible at Hornbach tested a variety of baler models from various manufacturers in a DIY megastore. In doing so, they very quickly saw “clear differences” in ease of operation, quality and lastly, the price, reported Andreas Back. The “highest quality” and the “best price-performance ratio” were exhibited, in his opinion, by the HSM presses. Back: “We simply had a very good impression. The complete
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