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Keep up to date in the Recycling industry. Here you find current events, sorted on date, starting with nearby events. For convenience we have distinguished three groups. You can scan through all the events, or unselect groups to show a shorter list.
Are you looking to develop yourself without leaving your desk? This group contains all online events: webinars, online seminars, online courses in the field of Recycling industry. To find alternative dates, click the event for details.
This group gives an overview of trade shows, fairs and other general events aimed at larger audiences. Here you find congresses, seminars, talks, open days in the Recycling industry. Click an event for details, there you can also see companies that have indicated to be present.
Do you want to get more knowledge on certain topics in the Recycling industry? Check this group. If a certain course is organized on several dates or locations, this will be shown in the details (click the box below).
All passed events are in the archive. Please use the search function in the bar above to find older events.

List of events

27.09.2021 | | 5 days | Hannover | Entry: paid
Lehrgang Erwerb der Sachkunde gemäß TRGS 519 Anl 3:
27.09.2021 | | 5 days | Essen | Entry: paid
Staub(freisetzung): Sicheres Handhaben von staubenden Schüttgütern
28.09.2021 | | 2 days | Wuppertal | Entry: paid
Pflicht-Fortbildung zum Sachkundeerhalt Asbest TRGS 519, Anl. 3
05.10.2021 | | 1 day | Essen | Entry: paid
Gebäudeschadstoffe - Asbest, PCB, Teer, Mineralfasern, Holzschutzmittel
12.10.2021 | | 2 days | Essen | Entry: paid
Praxistag zum Forum Asbest
10.11.2021 | | 1 day | Essen | Entry: paid
Forum Asbest
11.11.2021 | | 2 days | Essen | Entry: paid
Lehrgang Erwerb der Sachkunde gemäß TRGS 519 Anl 3:
22.11.2021 | | 5 days | Essen | Entry: paid
24.11.2021 | | 3 days | Garching | Entry: paid
Abbruch- und Rückbauarbeiten nach Atv din 18459 und VDI E 6210
02.12.2021 | | 1 day | Essen | Entry: paid
Lehrgang Erwerb der Sachkunde gemäß TRGS 519 Anl 3:
06.12.2021 | | 5 days | Essen | Entry: paid
Trade show Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2022
Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2022 The trade show for recycling technologies takes place in Dortmund in the heart of the economically strong region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Over two days, the entire value chain of the industry will be represented. Exhibitors will present machines and technical components for recycling and the disposal of waste products. Trade visitors come from recycling and disposal companies, from companies with in-house recycling facilities and from recycling centres. Visitors can also look forward to an attractive supporting programme with free presentations by many experts as well as additional live demonstrations and guided tours. Solids Dortmund will take place parallel to the trade show.
16.02.2022 | Trade show | 2 days | Dortmund | Entry: Free (after registration)
Course Drying
Almost every material used as bulk is dried during production. The fields of application vary from food to pharmaceuticals, from minerals to detergents, from polymers to paper, from raw materials and commodities to highly formulated specialties. Drying technology is a continuously developing field which bears various challenges. Different sources of pitfalls are scattered over a bunch of stages and fields in industrial production, which may be located in process design, operation and automation, equipment selection and the development of desired product properties. In addition lectures, laboratory practicals and tutorials bring together the theory and practice.
28.03.2022 | Course | 4 days | Magdeburg | Entry: paid
Fair Achema 2022
Modern, interactive and always up to date: With a unique range of topics, exciting focal topics and new event formats, the world’s leading trade show for the process industries brings together experts, decision makers and trendsetters from all over the world.
04.04.2022 | Fair | 5 days | Frankfurt | Entry: paid
Fair Powtech 2022
Take advantage of the overall dynamics offered by POWTECH, the leading exhibition for experts in powder and bulk solids technology. This event provides a presentation platform for innovations and advancements in processes for the manufacture of quality products made and processed from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids – also for the environmental and recycling sector.
30.08.2022 | Fair | 3 days | Nürnberg | Entry: paid
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