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01.10.2018  |  334x
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MB Crushers and Screening Buckets are used in trench works to ensure you save time

All over the world thousands of construction sites are being built, where trench work is under way to put together new pipelines for the transportation of gas, oil and water. These are often enormous infrastructure projects, divided into sections, often located in isolated places, where it is necessary to build miles of tracks and roads to allow access.
Heavy equipment units follow the site for miles and miles to dig the trenches, prepare the trench bed, install the pipes, prepare the materials to cover the pipes and close the trenches. Traditionally large-sized crushing and screening equipment is used to obtain the required aggregate size to lay and cover the pipes, ideally it needs to be moved near where the pipes are being laid. But at times large-sized equipment cannot reach certain sites. Because there are no roads to connect them, therefore the inert to be reclaimed are taken elsewhere, processed, and only after re-used. These operations are proven to be time-consuming and costly.

Instead MB Crushers and Screening Buckets follow the job step-by-step. They are installed directly onto the on-site excavators, so operators have no other transport costs. They collect the materials extracted from the excavation site and process it, reducing it in size and screening it. And so on and so forth along the whole length of the trenching site.
There are examples of this way to operate all over the world.

In Turkey, two dozen of screening buckets were used at the construction of the South Caucasus Pipeline, almost 700 km of natural gas pipelines. These buckets screened the materials extracted from the trenches directly on site, thereby eliminating the costs of transporting excavated materials, and reducing processing times.
Also in Spain, between Malaga and Marbella, an MB crusher and screening bucket were used to complete a trench project to lay a water main far away from any built-up areas. With the two MB machines, it was possible to prepare both the fine materials to cover the pipes and the coarse materials to cover the aqueduct.

In Bolivia, for example, in the Gasoducto Sucre-Potosì site, an MB drum cutter was used to dig part of a trench at more than 4,000 metres above sea level. A major work, which was carried out in an area consisting of plateaus and the Andean mountains, far away from towns.

Regardless of whether it is a small site or a large-scale construction site, MB offers high-performance machines designed to meet every need. In addition, those who use MB products can carry out the entire production process while respecting the local environment without changing any of the stages of the process, since excavations and trenches are both filled with previously excavated materials.


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