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Product description
22.03.2021  |  672x
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electronic scrap recycling systems
electronic scrap recycling systems

MetReTec relies on cross-flow chippers for electronic scrap recycling

New recycling plant for opening up electronic waste and printed circuit boards.

At the Mühlacker site in Baden-Württemberg, Germany the company MetReTec GmbH has built a new, modern recycling plant for recycling of electronic waste and circuit boards. The recycling plant is located Muehlacker, Germany, has a plant area of approx. 8000 m² and approx. 35 employees are operating the plant. A Turbo-Crusher type TQZ1200, from THM recycling solutions GmbH, is the first unit in the system and is used to shred and break up the input material. With a modern and comprehensive downstream separation system the crushed and open-up material, is separated into single-type fractions. The resulting pure materials, such as Copper, precious metals, plastics and steel are marketable materials that can be returned into the material cycle. Other material fractions that arise in this process can be refined or processed using other equipment.

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