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04.12.2018  |  844x
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Three at one stroke: New concrete crushers from Darda!


Parallel to the launch of the new machines by Swedish demolition robot manufacturer BROKK, its subsidiary DARDA GmbH is presenting three new crusher models. They are designed as a low-noise, yet powerful attachment tool for the new demolition robot series and for mini excavators in the 2.5 to 9-ton class.

DARDA is known worldwide as a specialist supplier of smaller concrete crushers. Despite its compact size and with only a mini excavator as carrier, DARDA crushers can easily keep up with the performance of larger and heavier models. The DARDA units are designed for high crushing power and low weight.

The CC440, CC480 and CC580 crushers of the new series come in a modern, uniform design and set new standards in terms of ruggedness and performance. ”The focus of the new designs was on an even higher power/performance ratio, a uniform design and even greater ruggedness, as well as new crushing tips for the two larger crushers,” says Engineering and Design Manager Mathias Reichmann. In technical terms, they are equipped with a completely new type of pressure booster, which translates into speed and even higher crushing forces. All crushers retain their proven options, such as additional crushing teeth or full 360° hydraulic rotation.

The use of low-noise concrete crushers as an alternative to hydraulic breakers with their extremely high noise generation is becoming increasingly important. The associated health and safety regulations concerning the extreme noise as well as the vibration risks caused by hydraulic breakers force demolition contractors to rethink. It is not uncommon for ongoing demolition work to be discontinued due to noise pollution or because mandatory vibration levels are exceeded. Using a DARDA concrete crusher in combination with a mini excavator offers an attractive alternative. But there are more benefits than just fulfilling the requirements of ”external” regulations: Working with a concrete crusher also ensures a certain level of safety and comfort for the operator, as he literally does not chisel away the floor beneath his feet. Also, he is exposed to a lot less noise and vibration.

Demanding demolition work becomes even easier and more effective when a DARDA concrete crusher is used in conjunction with an electro-hydraulic, remote controlled BROKK demolition robot. Ask the Darda team of experts, who have been the exclusive distributors of BROKK machines in Germany and Austria for over 20 years and who also work successfully and in partnership with the Swedish BROKK manufacturer on the international demolition market. Even strong, reinforced concrete structures such as elevator shafts, piers, concrete walls and ceilings can be dismantled efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner with the concrete crushers from the Black Forest. Bigger equipment is not always better!

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