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17.12.2018  |  839x
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Significant increase in throughput at the same opening and emptying rate.

All over the world Matthiessen bag openers are working in the first phase of many recyclables processing plants. Their field of application covers various feed materials such as household waste, MSW, Yellow Bag, light packaging, organic waste etc.
The special feature of our bag openers is that recycling sacks of different sizes are ripped open and almost completely emptied. Their contents are loosened up and conveyed to the downstream preparation processes in constant dosage. The recyclables are neither crushed nor ground - a great advantage in subsequent sorting processes. Equipped with state-of-the-art control technology, Matthiessen bag openers not only contribute to an enormous ease of work and improved product quality, but also guarantee considerable energy savings in operation.

Matthiessen has developed the active rotor comb (ARK) for the bagsplitter model series in order to further optimize the use of the bag openers as feeders at the beginning of modern waste recycling processes.

The ARK reduces the blockages and reverse modes of the ripping rotor through its rotary movements and thus ensures an even material flow and increased efficiency, even with inhomogeneous feed material.
Trail formation and material strands in the subsequent separation process are almost excluded by the self-cleaning effect of the ARK.
Staggered rotor stars, each with 8 pinned ripping chisels, can be adjusted in rotational speed according to the task.
Insertion slide-in knives, optionally screwed in sidelong, ensure better opening and emptying of smaller bags.
By means of a continuous asynchronous movement between ARK and rotor, the preparation process can be optimally started depending on the feed material and desired throughput.
Furthermore the complete ARK can be moved 200 mm in height by means of hydraulic cylinders, so that bulky materials can also be processed and dosed through the larger gap.
As with all Matthiessen machines, wearing parts can be easily replaced.

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