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Latest update: 22.09.2020
REMBE GmbH Safety + Control
TEL: +49 2961 7405 0
FAX: +49 2961 5071 4
Gallbergweg 21
D-59929   Brilon

Gallbergweg 21
59929   Brilon
Company brochure
Company brochure
REMBE is a safety specialist in pressure relief and explosion safety. It provides customers in all industries with safety systems for their plants and equipment. All products are made in Germany and meet the requirements of national and international regulations. REMBE customers include market leaders in numerous sectors, such as the oil and gas, food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. REMBE takes a comprehensive approach, primarily developing and making its own products while also providing the relevant consultancy, engineering and service.
The independent family enterprise, founded in 1973, employs a global workforce of around 250.
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Products, services
 Explosion Safety,  Flameless Venting,  Explosion Vents,
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Products, services
 Explosion Safety - explosion vents, explosion venting, flameless explosion venting,
 Flameless Venting - explosion vents, flamesless explosion venting, explosion safety
 Explosion Vents - explosion vents, flamesless explosion venting, explosion safety
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Components, accessories - filters-filter-materials
Unit operations - Drying, dryers - Dryers - spray-dryers
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - dedusting-technology
Process control, instrumentation - data-loggers
Safety - Explosion relief - burst-disks


REMBE Safety Days Digital Home Edition Success event continues via video conference
REMBE Safety Days Digital Home Edition
Success event continues via video conference In recent years, the ‘REMBE Safety Days’ series of events has repeatedly made Brilon a meeting place for global explosion safety and process safety. The content of the events was to present and discuss current topics in these areas as well as to create a platform for networking. In November 2019, 150 participants from five continents were welcomed to the Sauerland region. Unfortunately, no live events can take place due to the current situation. In order to nevertheless enable such an important exchange of knowledge, REMBE is offering a digital version of the REMBE Safety Days. Safety is essential – especially in difficult times like this. REMBE has launched the ‘REMBE Safety Days - Digital Home Edition’ to enable experts to continue to exchange their experience in the field of safety technology. “We are proud to be able to provide a platform like this,” says Claire Lloyd (Team Leader Process Safety Europe and one of the speakers at the REMBE Safety Days
25.05.2020  |  597x  |  Press release  | 
Explosion Safety in recycling plants Immark is exploring new horizons
Explosion Safety in recycling plants
Immark is exploring new horizons Everyone is talking about Explosion Safety and the associated effects in conventional production plants. It’s also an important issue in other areas. One of them is the recycling industry where, during the separation, shredding and processing of combustible materials explosion-prone dusts are created. The Immark AG developed a new recycling plant, which was recently awarded the 2017 Swiss Recycling Award. By using this system, it is possible to avoid the incineration of the complete cartridges, if the toner cartridges are delivered to Immark AG. The new Immark AG (Switzerland) toner recycling plant has a processing capacity of 1500 tonnes per year, and is therefore capable of recycling the toner cartridges of the entire Swiss market. The biggest challenge in the development of the new system was managing the potential for dust explosions, caused by airborne dust particles. In order to avoid an explosion, an inert agent has been used which is constantly introduced
23.06.2017  |  2683x  |  Press release  | 
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