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Latest update: 10.08.2018
SKAKO GmbH Deutschland
TEL: +49 2364 / 1060-24
FAX: +49 2364 / 1060-72
Sales und Service
An der Ziegelei 32 b
45721   Haltern
+49 2364-1060-24
Mr. K.-H. Schröder-Hanewinkel
SKAKO Vibration is a financially strong company, traded on the Nordic NASDAQ stock exchange. SKAKO is based in Faaborg Denmark with manufacturing in Denmark and France.

SKAKO Vibration has over 50 years of experience in designing, building and installing material handling equipment for feeding and dosing various material. By using vibration to activate, separate and transport material, the most difficult objects can be handled, in the most extreme environments. The robust machines can endu


SKAKO-Recycling Vibrations help robots sort plastic
Vibrations help robots sort plastic Nomi4s has introduced a new development project, where the main objective is to develop and demonstrate a technical concept with automated technologies and methods. The concept will, with minimal human effort, help identify and sort recyclable resources from large fractions of waste. The project can be divided into two main processes: The first stage is the pre-sorting, where SKAKO’s finger screen helps separating the waste bales into smaller fractions, thus the metal, glass and plastic can be sorted by the vibrating scalper, that transports and separates the fractions under a magnetic belt. The second stage is sorting the mixed plastic types. SKAKO’s Storage Feeder and Vibration Conveyor distribute the different types of plastic which help the infrared NIR sensor to scan the plastic and send the information to the robotic arms for pick up. The most common plastic types PP, PE and PET. FINGER SCREEN S2U180/0320, CONVEYORS 2 X CCU140/250
05.11.2018  |  2717x  |  Press release  | 
Copper Recycling
Copper Recycling
SKAKO has developed a copper recycling feeding system in cooperation with one of their customers. The system is fully automated and consists of a Lift Tipper and a Vibration Feeder that feeds copper material into two separate melting ovens. On a given signal from the FV-feeder, the Lift Tipper fills recyclable material from a container into the feeder. The melting oven has a load cell and is able to signal to the FV-feeder for more material when it reaches a preset minimum weight. The FV-feeder will then move forward towards the oven on its rails and start the material discharge. The FV-feeder has an integrated weighing system and will stop the filling of material when the required amount has been filled into the oven. It will then return to its original position. The FV-feeder is motorized and can feed multiple ovens as it is placed on a rotating table that can turn 90 degrees.
07.02.2017  |  2288x  |  Press release  | 
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