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26.08.2020  |  443x
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GKM Control Screening Machine for Chocolate mass
GKM Control Screening Machine for Chocolate mass

Heatable control screening machine for screening of chocolate mass

During the production or rework of chocolate, the use of a control screening machine is an important part of the process. This ensures that there are no foreign parts or impurities in the chocolate mass. It is important that the chocolate does not cool down during the entire process and also during the screening process. A constant temperature of approx. 40°C must be maintained during production to ensure the gloss and high quality of the end product. For this application the GKM control screening machine type KTS-VS2 has been further developed. This screening machine is equipped with a double-walled cone through which water with a temperature of 35 - 65°C is permanently circulated to ensure continuous screening of the viscous chocolate mass. Of course, the machine can be equipped with other important features and characteristics for this kind of industry as: A motor support made of stainless steel 1.4301, all kind of food-grade surfaces, etc.. The control screening machine can be quickly and easily integrated into the production process.

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