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17.03.2021 - 18.03.2021
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Type: Trade show
Duration: 2 days
Starts: 17.03.2021
Ends: 18.03.2021
Place: Dortmund

Entry: Free (after registering)

Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2021

Trade show

Recycling-Technik Dortmund 2021

The trade show for recycling technologies takes place in Dortmund in the heart of the economically strong region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Over two days, the entire value chain of the industry will be represented.
Exhibitors will present machines and technical components for recycling and the disposal of waste products. Trade visitors come from recycling and disposal companies, from companies with in-house recycling facilities and from recycling centres.
Visitors can also look forward to an attractive supporting programme with free presentations by many experts as well as additional live demonstrations and guided tours.

Solids Dortmund will take place parallel to the trade show.

Event organizer


GKM Siebtechnik GmbH
Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH
T&B electronic GmbH

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